Naira Sarkari on Instagram: “@mustardrestaurants is one of THE places to visit with great Bengali and French food. The first picture are the polenta and cheese…”

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One of best places that I have been to in recent times! Mustard has the most cheerful and lively decor which makes it so perfect for a brunch venue. One you have settled in and are soaking in the colorful and warm vibes of the place, each dish on the menu and the cocktails are sure to blow you away! We tried almost everything on the menu as we were a group of 10 bengalis on a mission to eat and I must say that it is very difficult to choose which one was better! However, special mention must be made to the Luchi aloo dum bites which was conceptualized in the most amazing way as a starter and tasted amazing! This place is a must visit and one where you will keep coming back!

Ahana Sinha
Not wanting to get over my #Paris hangover, I was delighted when my 2 cuties suggested @mustardrestaurants at Atria Mall #worli last night. We dug into the mouth watering preparations by Pritha Sen. We had the best of #bengalicuisine & #frenchcuisine so I had my fill of the French #légumes stir fry #vegetables veg #nicoisesalad with a generous pouring of #extravirginoliveoil #pumpkinrisotto while my bigger half & #wine loving child devoured the #maach #bhaat #doibegun #catfish

It was truly #khubbhalo

Visited many times, but never got the chance to write a review. With its stunning decor from the pink french windows to the personalised touches on the wall Mustard is definitely the right ambience for dinner and drinks. The service was prompt and polite and the food was exceptional. Highlights of the meal included the skate fish salad, olive tapenade tartine, mushroom risotto and of course the creme brulee! The Mustard bloody mary is also a must try on the drinks menu. Great ambience, great prices, definitely coming back.

Tanya Sharma
Mustard, already a landmark restaurant in Goa, has debuted in Mumbai, in great style. The attractive French and contemporary Bengali interiors have been reimagined here in a way that feels like you’re sitting in a tasteful living room. The food is the unrivalled star though, as it should be. We started our meal with a freshly baked bread basket with three kinds of mustard, which one can also buy and take home. The red quinoa salad was fresh and tasty with crunch and soft, fresh cheese. For mains, we had delicious red snapper with sweet potato mash and duck which was really moist and tender. The Absinthe Mousse ended the meal with creamy anise flavour. The open kitchen is nice to see and service is impeccable. Make sure to make a reservation as Mustard is the flavour on everyone’s mind.

Sapna Shahani
Mustard the essential ingredient in both French and Bengali cuisine finds its place in Worli’s newest gastronomical entree – Mustard. This is not a fusion restaurant, the menu has distinct Bengali and French favourites. We tried the Tuna tartine, which was superbly presented on wholesome slices of crusty bread, high on flavour the portions were generous. The cheese platter on offer has a wonderfully curated selection of cheeses. My son loved the sinful chocolate crepe topped with dollops of fresh cream. We rounded off our gluttony with a silky Bhappa Doi and Rasberry and Pistachio cake… what started out as a small pit stop turned out to be a gastronomic extravaganza. Mustard is the kind of restaurant you will want to keep coming back for more!

Rosalind Pereira
And finally Mustard happened in Mumbai. I have been following Mustard ever since it opened its first restaurant in Goa. To be very frank, I was not very enamored by again a Bengali restaurant. But Mustad blew all my misconceptions way. I would say it is a subtle flavours of the Bengal cuisine and the French flavours amalgamation. Pritha Sen, the food consultant of Mustard, Take a bow! My friend and I was floored with the foood and the special care you took of us.

We had come at the restaurant at a very odd hour, and therefore the lazy menu was laid out for us. I ordered a beautiful Assam tea, where the masalas came in a potli, slowly releasing all the flavours.

Then Pritha orders a Bengali Mezze Platter for us.. Which had amazing flavours like kumror (Pumpkin) chanchra (Without the fish head and without the fishy smell). An amazing smoked chana(Cottage cheese) with peppers, a loite mix (Bombay duck shreeded fry) and a spinach dip. It also had a sesame and peanut dry chutney.

Then came the tuna and Gondhoraj (Lemon) open sandwich. Amazing!

The Bhetki Paturi was amazingly simple and full of flavours.

And the dessert was a French raspberry cheesecake with some other added flavours.

We were really amazed at this fine dine restaurant. A must visit if you are in South Mumbai. And don’t forget to book beforehand! There s a huge waiting line, especially for dinner. Thank you Pritha with your company and the excellent food and the insights. All good wishes for Mustard! #mustardrestaurant #mustardmumbai #djeats #Frenchandbengalicuisine #mumbaifooddiaries #mumbaidiaries

Debjani Banerji
We went to Mustard for lunch on a rainy day in the middle of August, not knowing what to expect. Just understood that it was something to do with Bengali and French food. First off, let me clarify that this is not Bengali French fusion food – it is Bengali food and French food. From the time we stepped into the restaurant until we left, it was an amazing experience. I can’t decide which was better – the decor, the food, the ambiance. Hard choice to make. It was all excellent. We let the helpful staff suggest what to order, and were very happy with what appeared on the table. Literally. Presentation was A+. It was appetizing. We got the Heritage Bengali Platter and the Polenta Croquettes for starters. A Bengali Thali for the main course. And Orange Kheer and Steamed Yogurt for dessert. All delicious. My daughter got the honey mustard chicken wings and apple dessert and was very happy with her meal. The restaurant is large and airy and the decor is warm, artistic and beautiful. Makes you feel very comfortable and casual while serving up cuisine that feels like fine dining. A keeper! Hope they succeed and flourish!

Sadhana Shah
We had never been to Mustard in Goa so were genuinely curious why Bengali and French food were offered on the same Menu. Ultimately, the success of any restaurant is its food and Mustard doesn’t disappoint – from an in house selection of mustard (of course!) on all tables to innovative appetisers, Mustard sure sets the mood.

We were a table of four and able to sample a wide variety of dishes and everything was lip-smacking. My chilled chamomile drink was refreshing (never thought iced tea drinks could include infusions and additions ) and presented with a pretty sprig of real flowers.

Recommend the puffed rice ball fritters and all the seafood preparations. For main course, the meats were all lovingly cooked- the duck was juicy (not dry as commonly served), my French fish preparation was seasoned in a flavourful spicy sauce with a side of greens. The fish was superb- seasoned right and done to perfection.

Welcome to Mumbai Mustard!

(Oh and the ambience is a cherry light filled space – perfect for conversations and catch ups with friends)
Deepthi Sasidharan
Mustard Mumbai gives a comfortable homey feeling but with that touch of something different that makes for a really pleasurable dining out experience.

The decor is comfortable and quirky; I liked the little touch of alcoves for quiet conversations. The personal touch too comes through with carefully curated pieces and art on display.

The food was flavourful without being overpowering. And tended to home-style cooking but with that extra x-factor. I leaned towards the full flavour of Bengali dishes but the Tomato Tartare with quinoa was a fresh, clean start to the proceedings. I also liked the Bengali Mezze platter and the Vegetarian Mustard Curry, especially the daal. Coconut Sandesh offered the perfect sweet finish. The best part was that despite going through a lot, the food remained light on the stomach.

I’ll be back!
Shiv Moulee
Mustard is not a restaurant…it is passion’s child. Shilpa and Poonam have delivered to Bombay a bright, cheerful all day dining destination that pushes boundaries in terms of it’s ambience and culinary diversity. A spacious layout, high ceilings and a distinctly European decor is full of class and character. A lovely bar and an open kitchen sets you up for a distinct experience. French chef Greg Bazire and Bengali chef Pritha Sen have created a symphony of cuisines and drinks with a mind numbing variety yet in perfect alignment. Whether it is big bites or small, range of veg or non veg fare, or only drinks and desserts, this one is for all who want to spoil their senses and unite with their soul. Go Mumbai spoil yourself…..Mustard is here!!!
Abhay Bhalerao
totally fabulous and sublime… what a gastronomic experience
Nandina Ramachandran
wonderful experience even for a non foodie. The components of the French & Bengali menu go well together. Very flavourful menu and so thoughtfully put together.

we ate a lot but there was no ’restaurant overload’ feeling.
Anu Moulee
The menu and the dishes were so well thought of and presented. we were pleasantly surprised at how every dish we tasted whether it was Bengali or French had mustard undertones connecting them. You have created a lovely space and the energy the space infuses is calmness and friendship – an extremely good sign for a new venture!!
Vijaya Pastala
Love the menu and ma in love with the bananas flower kebab and the palak kofta main. A very extensive menu that celebrates the delicate flavours of both Bengali and French Cuisine- Mustard being the common love. will be back for sure
Sayantani Raybardhan
An absolutely fabulous dining experience. The wow factor is decidedly the amazing cuisine. We loved the snacks especially the Murgi Pora (roasted chicken cubes), and the Shol Peyanj (fried fish). In the main course we loved the Mushroom Risotto and the Majhi-Mallah-r Dishi Murgi Jhol (the country chicken curry). Love the lovingly open space and comfortable seating.
Deepa Harris
Every dish we had was fabulous. The Husseini Curry (Boneless Mutton Curry) was excellent, the Til Tel Kathi (roasted pork cubes) were perfectly done and the Duck was succulent. The platters had the perfect dips, and the mustard just the right zing. The Aam Doi left us with the rightful taste.
Arundhati Singhal