totally fabulous and sublime… what a gastronomic experience

Nandina Ramachandran
wonderful experience even for a non foodie. The components of the French & Bengali menu go well together. Very flavourful menu and so thoughtfully put together.
we ate a lot but there was no ’restaurant overload’ feeling.

Anu Moulee
The menu and the dishes were so well thought of and presented. we were pleasantly surprised at how every dish we tasted whether it was Bengali or French had mustard undertones connecting them. You have created a lovely space and the energy the space infuses is calmness and friendship – an extremely good sign for a new venture!!

Vijaya Pastala
Love the menu and ma in love with the bananas flower kebab and the palak kofta main. A very extensive menu that celebrates the delicate flavours of both Bengali and French Cuisine- Mustard being the common love. will be back for sure

Sayantani Raybardhan
An absolutely fabulous dining experience. The wow factor is decidedly the amazing cuisine. We loved the snacks especially the Murgi Pora (roasted chicken cubes), and the Shol Peyanj (fried fish). In the main course we loved the Mushroom Risotto and the Majhi-Mallah-r Dishi Murgi Jhol (the country chicken curry). Love the lovingly open space and comfortable seating.

Deepa Harris
Every dish we had was fabulous. The Husseini Curry (Boneless Mutton Curry) was excellent, the Til Tel Kathi (roasted pork cubes) were perfectly done and the Duck was succulent. The platters had the perfect dips, and the mustard just the right zing. The Aam Doi left us with the rightful taste.

Arundhati Singhal