I loved the food and decor in equal measure. While fusion restaurants ace a few dishes and slack in the rest of the menu; mustard had perfected their repertoire.

Apsara Reddy, Editor, Deccan Chronicle
Sup, it was all deliciousness this afternoon. I have always missed Bengali food in this city; the ones we have are hardly authentic in terms of preparation and taste. Mustard wonderfully fills this gap. The French side of the menu, particularly the duck, was a standout dish!!! Loved the prawns too… will definitely be there more often to tick off more items on the menu… I propose to turn full Bong for the next time,and go totally French after that!! Love the vibe and the buzz of the place… but most of all, the food…even the quinoa salad was off the charts!

Purba, Chennai Times editor
I really enjoyed the experience – service was excellent, and the food came quickly. Cocktails are probably one of the best in the city – so i hope they keep it this way.

I thought the flavours of the Bengali food were rather westernised, but i suppose that’s intentional to reach a wider audience.

Shonali, Muthalaly, Hindu
MUSTARD… is pure culinary bliss!! Mustard has introduced a ‘new flavour to savour’ and I am simply floored by both the outstanding food and service from the heart.

The menu has been curated against a Franco Bengali backdrop, however there is no fusion and Mustard remains true to both cuisines. Renowned food historian and culinary expert Ms Prita Sen has curated the menu for the Bengali cuisine and Chef Gregory has introduced the French dishes.

Pleasing pleasant staff made my evening yesterday and the beverages such as Jasmine soda unique. Mustard apart from being a resto bar also has a coffee counter serving coffee, sandwiches, appetisers as well.

Cocktail Luchi Bites with tiny puffed bread takes its name from the size of a one taka coin wrapped around curried baby potatoes and the combo is worth every paisa says the menu and it’s true to the claim. Absolutely flavourful and innovative. The dip was chilli kasundi and lipsmacking.

Lamb Chops were spicy, meaty, cooked perfectly and Mustard scores high for its accompanying sauces and dips.

Avocado Quinoa salad was a pretty plate full of healthy ingredients and absolutely colourful.

Mediterranean tart had the sunniest veggies this side of the Suez, combined with gooey Mozarella and flaky puff pastry and deserves special mention. Burst of sunshine on the plate.

Beef steak had tender tenderloin, served with smooth potato gratin, carrot, kale and onion red wine sauce. Good quality steak in the city needs a lot of appreciation.

Dak Bungalow Mutton curry with potatoes and a boiled egg served with Govindo?bhog rice and a sweet tomato chutney was truly homestyle and the combo a must try. The pieces of meat were tender, and the curry flavourful. I’m not a steamed rice lover and often prefer rotis but the rice was steamed to perfection and blended well with the curry.

Luchi reigns supreme as Bengal s all day favourite snack and I simply loved this puffed bread.

Baked Cheesecake was baked to please and the Chocolate Ganache cake presented chocolate in its true form.

Such a pleasure to dine at Mustard which is a mix of European Sophistication and Indian Vibrance. Kudos to Dheeraj, Chef Rajan Mhatre and Praveen who heads the Operations and Team Mustard.

My best wishes and God Bless

Chef Sharmila Moses
Hi Yogita – dined at mustard, please do tell Poonam that the food was truly wonderful, kawsha mangsho & bhekti were incredibly well-flavoured, perfectly cooked standout dishes.

Adhira Swamy